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We start the season at the Lecherines Ice Cave

The Pyrenees leaves winter and spring comes loaded with flowers, good temperatures and beautiful landscapes, although sometimes as ephemeral as this Ice Cave of Lecherines that always gives us the opportunity to start our guided nature observation activities in 4×4. In this way, we take advantage of the fact that the snow reveals the route…

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It has been a summer full of sunsets from our 4×4 ecotourism experience

It has been a summer full of sunsets from our 4×4 ecotourism experience in one of the best viewpoints in the Pyrenees, on the Pista de las Blancas de Borau. We have really enjoyed accompanying the small groups that have been encouraged to discover this nature observation route at more than 2000 meters high. Once…

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Summer sunsets arrive in our 4×4 vehicle

One of our best proposals from the Mirador del Pirineo is to travel in our 4×4 vehicle the entire route of the Pista de las Blancas at the best time of day, sunset, which gives unforgettable moments. This week, and following our philosophy of not mixing groups until the situation is normalized, we have again…

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Discover the Lecherines Frozen Cave

Helped by our 4×4 vehicle we suggest you discover from our hands one of the most hidden routes of the Western Valleys Natural Park, a treasure of the karst massif of the Lecherines, under the giants of Borau, which only for about fifteen days a year we shows its most crystalline face: The Helada de…

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Borau Ganadero – The “climb”

This report aims to publicize and bring one of the most important days of the annual livestock cycle in one of the wildest Pyrenean mountain valleys, Borau. The Borau Valley is located in the easternmost part of the Western Valleys Natural Park, and from the high peaks of the Sierra de la Magdalena the pilgrimage…

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Snowshoeing at the Mirador del Pirineo

This is how the route of our 4×4 has been dressed these days to get to know one of the best viewpoints of the Aragonese Pyrenees, a wild environment where accompanied by a guide you will enjoy the secrets that the alpine forests hide and also the high peaks, during the winter months only accessible…

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How are the sunsets from the Mirador del Pirineo?

During this month of November we want to welcome the winter months, where the long nights give way to very special sunrises and sunsets, ephemeral and above all very different from the rest of the year from the Mirador del Pirineo. The total absence of snow allows us to make the entire route to all…

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First Autumn Photographic Retreat in Borau , Pyrenees

Last weekend, October 24 and 25, the Borau Valley celebrated the First Autumn Photographic Retreat; an activity organized by the Cacaleyo Association together with the Environmental Tourism company Ojos Pirenaicos and the Aragonese photographer Esther Naval. This first educational and artistic event around photography has been carried out with the participation of 12 students from…

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Borau Trails

The Borau Valley has forests, ravines and spectacular corners where the interpretation of agro-pastoral life is one of the most emblematic resources of its people. Family routes and trails suitable for all audiences in a network of Trails that the Borau City Council launched with enthusiasm in a recovery project not only of the routes…

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